Coral Beach Restaurant

The New Nordic Coral Beach Restaurant is located on, surprising enough, Coral Beach! Situated right at the beachfront.

The New Nordic Coral Beach Restaurant is a perfect gathering place to take in the stunning views of the beach. It is located right on the white sandy beach and provides a beachfront bar and also a swimming pool.

"The restaurant serves both Thai and western dishes and is beautifully decorated to provide an enjoyable dinning exerience both during day and evening."

The staff at the Coral Beach Restaurant are polite, friendly and welcoming. They will do anything they can to make your time with them as pleasant as possible.

Although both Thai and Western dishes are available, we strongly recommend you sample some of the traditional Thai cuisine on offer.

The Choices are vast and it will be some of the freshest seafood your likely to eat!

"Come and sample some of your favorite South Thailand dishes at the Coral Beach Restaurant. We recommend any of the seafood dishes or possibly the masaman curry, both are simply amazing!"

Because South Thailand has a huge coastline, fish and seafood are a major part of everyday diet and are often grilled flavored with chilies and lime, roasted in a pot filled with sea salt, boiled in curries, stirred into salads or simply deep-fried.

The Coral Beach restaurant have a nice selection of Southern classic dishes to try including the ever popular ‘Chicken Massaman Curry’ and also a selection of Satay kebabs made with either Pork or Chicken.

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