All our buildings will feature advanced technology never seen in this area of Thailand before, our focus is to produce a stunning, classy complex that will be the envy of others.

The CCTV camera system will contain 24 cameras inside and outside the buildings. These will cover all communal areas, including car parks and beach. All camera’s will be monitored 24/7 by our in house security team.
We are providing a web camera with HD resolution quality on the beach showing life in real-time 24/7, also a camera showing the complex build. These will be shown on our web site(s) and will commence as soon as construction starts.

There will be a free Wi-Fi area in the lobby of the building along with free zones on both the beach and in the restaurant. All visitors will be given the opportunity to access this facility, via a payed package from 1 hour plus.
Apartments and homes will all be provided with private broadband lines with a fibre optic internet option, all owners will be able to lease a line with a bandwidth of their choice directly through our management team. All lines will be delivered by CAT Telecom in Thailand, who are the leading government owned ISP in Thailand with all the best routing to Europe and abroad.
Routers with Wi-Fi will be standard to all apartments, but due to concrete walls and bad coverage to the bedrooms, these will be fitted with LAN cable from the living room located router.

All TV systems will be delivered through the internet, so no coaxial cable or satellite TV will be necessary. All apartments will have the choice of European channel packages, Thai TV channels if they want and of course Netflix along with other applications. Smart TV’s will be available in both living and bedroom areas.

There will be one phone line with a free internal line, along with connection possibilities to VIOP telephony in every apartment. An internal numbers system will be in place for room to room, rentals, laundry, massage, restaurant and 24/7 front desk. If the owners want to have their own local European phone numbers on these phones, we will provide this on request. This will enable owners to make overseas calls at local rate.

There will be heated water from all outlets inside each apartment which includes kitchen, bathroom sinks and showers. The hot water system will not use the electrical flow heater system as common inside Thailand, but will incorporate a solar cell heated water process with combined tanks and flow heated water.
This is much safer method and more environmentally friendlier than the electricity heated water, which will enable all apartments to obtain a constant flow of hot.

All 3 floor buildings will also contain elevators.

All apartments are decorated, fully equipped, and fully furnitured and ready to move in. More info with details can be given on request.

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