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A mix of both privately owned houses and apartments set on one of Thailand’s most idyllic beaches. A place far removed from the mass tourism of Bangkok and Phuket.

Blending in beautifully with the natural surroundings, the development will consist of three story apartment buildings along with bespoke detached homes.

With a firm commitment in keeping the project green, vast areas of the landscape will remain untouched. Therefore both residents and visitors alike can enjoy both the large expansion of vegetation and stunning white sandy beach, as nature intended. All restaurants, pools, and other facilities will be cleverly integrated into the existing environment, thus producing one of the most stylish and desirable complexes in the whole of Thailand.

Our units can also be bought as an investment, where we offer to lease the apartment back from you on a 10 year lease, and promise you a guaranteed 10% p.a return on your purchase.

This is an unique opportunity to get your investment back, and most of our customers are choosing this option. Visit our investment page here for more information on our investment opportunities.

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The Real Thailand


First, let us present a video from Destination Thailand TV about the area. Then you can read a bit more about the plans and happenings in the Chumphon district:

Chumphon is about mid-way between Bangkok and Phuket. It is a coastal town which also has ferry to the famous islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao and located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is only one hour by flight from the capital Bangkok, or about 5-6 hours by car on the freeway. The Coral Beach project is in the district of Phatio in Chumphon province.

Chumphon is a gateway to the other provinces in southern Thailand. It is divided into 8 districts and Ranong province in west, Thailand Gulf in the east, Hua Hin north and Surat Thani province in the south.
The area has numerous private hospitals of a good quality, great selection of restaurants (seafood is of the highest quality), Big C, Lotus, Home Mart, Macro, Ocean Shopping Mall, Night Market, Night Plaza and more.

The area has a comfortable level traffic that invites most of you who have a licence from home to drive a car or motorbike by yourself.
Both airport and downtown in Pathio is very close to where we have established our new paradise. 12 minutes to both centre and airport.
More than 200 km of coastline is studded with spectacular beaches. It has an abundance of attractions to offer for those seeking relaxation in a natural and calm atmosphere. Chumphon has not only beaches but also islands, mountains, waterfalls, mangrove forests and national parks. It is also a hub for boat transfers to the world famous dive centres at Koh Tao.

The government’s commitment in the area:
Efforts are also a big part from the authorities in this area. The airport is under construction to receive international traffic, and it will be built a huge airport hotel with 200 rooms nearby. The ferry that transports tourists to the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui which today is located in the city itself, is moved closer to the airport and also close to Coral Beach. Therefore it is also built several backpacker resorts in the area that will house them on its way out onto the islands. In addition, it is already developed brand new coastal road with bike paths, and there is a large marina for private yachts under development. It also has to be said that it will become a hub for private yachts, as there are extremely few of these marinas in Thailand. The government is running frequent campaigns to make this place more known for tourism, and at “our beach”, the Coral Beach, we will be able to regulate the number of tourists from entering, so it does not get too crowded. We are also investing in a mix of local and foreign tourists at Coral Beach, so it does not fall prey to mass tourism from the West.

Here is just some of what you can experience in the area in addition to the stunning beaches.

  • Diving
  • Kitesurfing and other sailing (best in November-January)
  • Various other types of boat trips (without program, rent a boat for the day)
  • Kayakking in rivers, mangrove forrest rivers or at sea
  • Overnight at resort on local islands
  • Raptor viewpoint – birding in October
  • “Heaven and hell” -tempel
  • “Big Buddha View Point”
  • Mu Koo National Park (mangrove forrest)
  • City tour to markets and dinners at local restaurants
  • Gong Coffee – visit organic coffee plantation where you can make your own coffee (from picking beans, roasting of the beans, grinding of beans, and to drink) and be trained in the entire process of the local plantation owner who speaks good English.
  • Luwak coffee visits + «toilet museum»
  • Visiting a huge warship from the southern province
  • Chumphon National Museum.
  • Beach-exploring. Visits to various beaches little farther north from “our” main beach (Coral Beach).
  • Trip to Ranong with visa-run or trips to the Burmese islands
  • Bird Nest Factory

In addition, there are of course many opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, fishing and there are several restaurants with incredibly good food and drink. You can visit the fruit farms with coconuts, rambutan, mangosteen, duriand and other fruits and it is popular to see the monkeys that are trained to pick coconuts. You can join local fishermen on fishing trips in their own boats, visit Khlong Phrao National Park, jungle trekking, waterfall with rivers and caves, bird watching and rafting.
You can join the famous and popular “bird’s nest” factory where they make the extract of saliva of swallows’ nests to be extremely healthy according to Chinese and locals. These are precious drops and one kg of “bird’s nest” costs 3,000 USD.

There are day and overnight trips to Tao Island blessed with an abundance of very famous beaches and vegetation, and a diving paradise of the world.

Boats leave here to both the famous island of Koh Phangan, known for its wild full moon parties and also to the popular holiday island of Koh Samui. You can take an exciting trip to the border town of Ranong located on the shores against Myanmar and there are also boat trips from there to the Burmese islands. It is just a short drive of about 2-3 hours to Ranong and you can catch a boat to Myanmar and the islands there. You can also join a raft ride on the famous River Phatio White-water.

Chumphon city and district

Chumphon is the southern Thailand’s first town and bordering North and South Thailand, as Thailand’s cultural ethnic south starts here. But its 200 km coastline contains Chumphon`s many great uninhabited beaches that you can visit completely undisturbed. You can also find some of the very best places for diving and snorkeling in Thailand gulf in this area.
Chumphon city is the capital of the district of the same name and is a major artery to the other southern provinces in Thailand, and particularly the islands as we mentioned earlier. Chumphon is a piece of “unseen Thailand” and will not be overdeveloped with tourists as so many other southern places in Thailand, although the government now opens more and more to tourism in the areas.

We will now present some of the places you can visit.

Thung Wua Laen Beach

Thung Wua Laen Beach is Chumphon`s most popular beach. It is 24 kilometers from Coral beach south and about 15 km north of Chumphon town. The beach is ideal for swimming and shallow with few big waves.
Gorgonia sponge and a large variety of coral reefs make the underwater landscape as spectacular as the beach itself. Along the beach there are the small guest houses, but no high-rise hotels. Heaps of cozy great beachside restaurants and small bars, mini shops and internet cafes. At the end are the biggest resorts called Chumphon Cabana Resort and Khao Pho Bae hill with a stone coastline perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Prince Chumphon Shrine Memorial

The memorial is located at the northern end of Sairee beach, about 20 kilometers from downtown and is a sacred place for the residents of Chumphon. Here is the monument of Admiral Phra Boromawong Thir Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak who is considered the father of the Thai Navy. The memorial faces the sea and it is a museum showing his biography and personal belongings. A large torpedo-ship named “King of Chumphon” is also here. It is 68 meters long and 6.55 meters wide and was closed on 26 November 1975. The Royal Thai Navy gave the ship to Chumphon province in 1979 where it was put near this monument. It’s free to visit the ship for visitors who want to see it up close.

Chumphon National Museum

The National Museum Chumphon is in connection with the official government buildings in the center of Chumphon Sam Kaeo Hill, Na Cha Ang Sub-district, Muang District, Chumphon. It was established in 1994. The museum is a two storey building with modern style that consists of exhibition hall, museum library, conference hall, offices, museum store, book – shop and gift shop, cafeteria, etc.
Here you can catch the most about Chumphon district’s history.

Khao Kriap Cave

This is one of the most beautiful caves in the south. There is a Buddhist temple at the foot of Khao Kriap ground. Inside the cave, there is also a Buddha image as well as stalactites and stalagmites.

Thip Pride Cave

This area is a rocky mountain with a stream that runs past the front. This mountain has about 40 beautiful caves, some of them contain small ponds. It’s a great place to come and explore nature as there are countless such great places in the area. We must mention that there is also a similar cave at the Coral Beach which you can explore there.

Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area

Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area covers two-kilometer mountain chain Khao Plu. There are two caves, Khao Plu Cave and Nam Rod Cave. The first houses a statue of the famous monk of Chumphon – Lung Phor Cheep Bunyasaro. The other houses a 6 × 15-meter deep pool and plenty of bats. There are also beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are also a popular playground for hundreds of langurs who come here to look for food.

Chumphon Night Market

The Night Market or Talad Torungen is the place to find a good local dinner in Chumphon. It is located on Krom Luang Chumphon Road, Muang district. On Chumphon night market you will find a wide selection of items on sale for the entire household. Delicious snacks and takeaway food as well as clothes, shoes, household products and also fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. It is a good place for everything you need.


Birdwatching and “Raptor Mountain”

Chumphon has many mangrove forests that are home to birds all kinds. From September to October each year, you can observe a large number of migratory birds along the coast who want to escape the cold winter in northern Asia and fly to a place to live in warmer climates in the south as Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.
“Raptor Mountain” is a mountain where many bird watchers gather to photograph rare species passing. There is also a tremendous view over the whole province from this peak.

Cave exploring

Experience the incredible beauty of stalagmites and stalactites that were hidden in caves for thousands of years. In Chumphon there are a number of wonderful caves that are worth a visit and will be a wonderful and exciting experience. Many companies offer trips to the caves and you should compare the various offers to find the tour that suits your interests.

Diving and snorkeling

There are great dive sites around the islands Koh Ngam Noi, Koh Ngam Yai and rocks Hin Lak Ngam and Hin Pae which also offers great diving opportunities. Divers can experience the fascinating seabed configurations from coral gardens to stone mounds and caves. The main attraction is still fishing in all colors of the rainbow. Many sport divers write interesting blogs about these places that you find if you search online.
This is a plankton-rich seas and fish life is profiled in a remarkable way. Visibility varies according to tides and weather factors. On a positive day, visibility can be 20 meters, but at low tide can be reduced to 8 to 10 meters. Hin Lak Ngam This dive site is 1 1/2 hours away Thung Wua Laen Beach. The landmark consists of two weathered rock outcrops. Like any other outcrops, they serve as breeding sites for seabirds. When the dive boat approaching will see these birds fly and can be an incredible sight.


After sunset, you can discover many fireflies on both sides of the river Tha Tapao where they spread their magic light in Lamphu trees and other tree species. A boat trip on the river through the mangrove forest takes about 2 hours.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Canoeing and Kayaking activity is organized in the North Chumphon, on beaches and limestone cliffs with white sand and emerald caves full of small exotic lagoons. A multitude of mangrove forest is nearby so you can admire a whole ecosystem that lives in perfect harmony with the local fishing villages. It will also be offered kayaking at Coral Beach.

Khao Phang Paragliding

Khao Pang is a ridge with a length of 3 km and an average elevation of about 200 meters. The highest point is 270 meters. Take Offs are facing east and west where there is also adequate landing space. The mountain is suitable for sustainable ridge, soaring thermals are common in the afternoon. The proximity to the sea gives a very consistent wind direction.

Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is the latest activity in Chumphon. Because of its geographical location has the best wind conditions in Thailand under both south-west and north-east monsoon. The perpetual wind, combined with friendly Thai hospitality is guarantee that Kiteboard training is an unforgettable experience, and experienced kite surfers have a wonderful place here.

Phato Canal Rafting

The forests around Phato is the source of many channels that are equipped with evergreen forests and orchards. Because of the many rapids in this area makes it exciting activities Phato channel held throughout the year. While rafter visitors can see some interesting animals such as langurs and hornbills and orchards of durian, coffee and mangosteen. The best time for rafting is from February to April.

Rubber Boat Rafting – Kaeng Bok Fai

Rubber boat rafting offered on a 11 km long section of Kaeng Bok Fai River. The river has a difficulty at 3-4 and there are 7 exciting areas with names Kaeng Bok Fai, Heo Kaeng Bua Thong Kaeng Ta Wan Heo, Heo Kaeng Ta On, Khuean Kaeng Nam Won Kaeng Kaeng Hin Hua Kalok Chang. It takes about 3 hours to complete the route. There are also areas where the water flows slowly and you can take a break or splash around and enjoy the cool and clear water. If you start from Haew Loam Waterfall trip journey takes about 2 hours.

Squid fishing

In the evening you will often see bright light out to sea. These are fishermen catching squid. They use bright lights to attract the squid, and catch them in nets. It can be arranged so that you can join squid fishermen to see how they work, and enjoy fresh squid cooked on board.

SPA & Wellness

After a day of activities, you should treat yourself to a massage. Thai massage is a centuries-old practice that is based on stimulating the flow of vital energy through the body via ‘Sib Sen” or energy channels. When you visit a SPA, you can experience this healing method, or they can create a treatment package tailored to your needs which may also contain healthy meals or fasting, holistic or ayurvedic treatment.
There are several places that offer this around Coral Beach and it will be a separate SPA center at Coral Beach within a year or two.

Festivals and events

– Phato Rafting Festival – 11th to February 12th
– Chumphon’s Marine Festival – March and April
– Chumphon Sea World Fair – 23 to 25 March
– Chumphon Traditional Boat Races – 31. October
– Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Commemoration – 19th to 25th December
– Lang Suan Fruit Festival – 19th – 25th December

How to get to Chumphon:

Chumphon Coral Beach city is located 440 km from Bangkok
Flight: There are 3 flights daily from Bangkok (morning, afternoon and evening). Flight time is 1 hour and the airport is small and intimate and therefore is very fast and easy going in and out. Price roundtrip approx 3000-4000 baht. Chumphon Airport is 10 minutes from Coral Beach.
Train: For those who want to try the “Orient Express” there are several trains every day and a short distance to the train station.
Bus:There are three buses daily from Bangkok to Chumphon. Travel time is approximately 8 hours.
Car: Driving time from Bangkok is around 6 hours on motorways.


In 2017 the new high speed car-ferry will open it`s traffic from bothe Pattaya and Bangkok to Pranburi, just North of Coral Beach. This will half the travel time for those who don`t want to come here by flight. You can see more about this ferry on YOUTUBE!

Coral Beach

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