The Ultimate Investment Experience with New Nordic Group

Invest securely in properties in Thailand with New Nordic with a guaranteed annual 10% return on investment

New Nordic is uniquely positioned in Thailand property market to offer property investment opportunities that allow investors to maximise their returns with minimum input from themselves.

We build and manage holiday villages complete with bars, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness and even our own shopping center.

We sell individual units to investors and rent them out to our visitors offering a guaranteed minimum 10% return on investment per annum during a 10 to 20 year investment period.

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What is our Offer?

Enjoy condominium full ownership with a guaranteed minimum 10% return on investment per year.

At the end of the investment term use the property you own as a holiday home, sell it or rent it out in the open market or sell it back to New Nordic at the original price.

Why invest with New Nordic Group?

New Nordic Group are one of the largest full-cycle tourist companies in Thailand developing and managing properties with a proven track record since 2009.

We offer guaranteed investments legally secured against the properties offering from 10% return on investment per year during the investment term.

Why Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with increasing visitors year on year. It benefits from a very versatile economy and stable currency.

These are all very important criteria that should be considered when making an investment decision.

Tourist arrivals in Thailand increased to almost 3 mln in December from 2.5 mln in November of 2015 and averaged 1.2 mln from 1997 until 2015, reaching an all time high of almost 3 mln in December of 2015.

Thailand tourism market enjoy the benefits of China’s booming economy as it has now become China’s number one holiday destination. In 2015, Thailand welcomed 8.3 mln Chinese tourists, accounting for 36% of total arrivals.

Current prices

Investments at New Nordic start from 2,200,000 Baht (approximately $63K, €55K, £51K) upwards (subject to availability) offering a guaranteed minimum return on investment of 10% per year.

Occupancy rates

New Nordic owns several tour operators around the world which ensures that we benefit from healthy occupancy rates, enabling us to pay our investors 10% returns whilst still being very profitable.

Join over 2,500 investors and have the peace of mind that you get with property investment, the secure feeling of having invested in a tangible asset, without the ongoing time consuming duties and unplanned expenses that come with property management.

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