Building a lifestyle by investing in the two of the fastest growing sectors, tourism and real estate


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In the New Nordic Group, we believe that beautiful experiences and good investments should be available to everyone. In a fast-changing world, we want to be first at new and emerging destinations to offer you great products and services by combining local uniqueness with the New Nordic concepts. Today, the New Nordic Group is in 31 countries and 50 locations across South Eastern Asia, South and Central Africa, Europe, North and Latin America.

With our team of professionals, you can enjoy a cruise on the beautiful Lake Malawi, you can invest alongside us in five-star hotels, you can buy your family a holiday home hassle-free and you can enjoy a sun-downer whilst watching the sky slowly turn red.

10 years of success

The 15th of July 2019 we celebrated 10 years of continous successful investments around the world. If you're not already on our mailing list, please sign up below to stay updated.

New resales website

We've now launched a website were you'll find investment opportunities in completed successful projects. Great investments that are generating proven profits for our investors. These are quick to move and quite seldom offered so act today!

When investing in New Nordic Group holiday resorts, investors buy a slice in two of the fastest growing industries in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, the real estate & the tourism industries.

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The New Nordic Group is present in some of the fastest growing real estate regions in the world across the tropical zone. Here you can read more about the countries we are present in, why we choose to develop here and what projects that are launched. We have everything from interesting videos to drawing, floor plans and catalogues.


New Nordic Brands


The New Nordic Group is separated into a range of different brands, which are led by independent teams of dedicated professionals. This way, you can build your real estate portfolio and great holiday memories with us. It further ensures that each strategic decision, project and concept is developed with high-level expertise at every level.


Since the start in 2009, the Group continues to innovate and bring new thinking to properties, product offerings, emerging markets, holiday experiences and locations. We are continuing to build on this business vision with a host of new countries, masterplan projects, variable use developments and new partnerships. A smarter selection and choice for all kinds of investors that delivers true security and confidence.

We believe that values bring value and as a part of the 10-year anniversary on July 15th 2019, the New Nordic Group makes a commitment to be a leader for change towards a more sustainable and ethical real estate and hospitality industry by taking responsibility to become a company with a fair and sustainable business model for our people, partners, communities and the planet.

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What our investors are saying

These are a few of all reviews we've received the last month from investors all over the world.

Michal Obeda

Has the New Nordic Group been successful in satisfying your investment needs?
Yes, I'm happy that New Nordic works well as promised, although delays on projects.

How can we improve our products & services?
I see you improve and offer more and more opportunities, which is good.

What is the best thing about your New Nordic investment?
I think it's that you don't need to care about your investment, purely passive income and your investment is in other part of world, which i call diversification, if anything happens.

Would you recommend the New Nordic Group to your friends and family?
I recommended NNG to my family, they are already in.

Knowing what you know now, would you re-invest in the New Nordic Group?
Yes, I already did, I trippled my investment about year ago.

Pierre Fumat

What type of investment were you looking for before you contacted the New Nordic Group for the first time?
I was looking for regular additional diversified revenues to my pension in France

Why did you purchase with the New Nordic Group?
I invested in New Nordic because my son Didier had a good experience with your group having bought 2 flats. He confirm that you are a reliable company providing good return and in time. Following my current situation I am totaly satisfied by your follow up of the files and payment of rental are delivered on schedule. The other factor is that your are a diversified group with important assets and atractive programs and good reputation.

How many investment properties do you own with the New Nordic Group?
I have currently 3 studios

Please explain your experience with the New Nordic Group
The revenues are as expected and communication with your group is quick and efficient and you have a good behaviour in trading relations.

Have New Nordic Group satisfied your needs with their investment product & how?
So far New Nordic have satisfied my needs by offering a diversified source of revenue with small units.