Hotel investments across
the Asia Pacific

Building a lifestyle by investing in the two of the fastest growing sectors, tourism and real estate

Hotel investments across
the Asia Pacific

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The New Nordic Group has built its reputation since 2009. With an eye for emerging markets and a great sense of timing the New Nordic Group manages an impressive portfolio of over 50+ completed projects in the hospitality industry.

With a relatively small team of experienced professionals from the real estate and hospitality industry, the New Nordic Group expanded across SE Asia with a model that allows investors from around the world to benefit from these rapidly growing sectors through an attractive investment program with secured and sustainable investment opportunities on any of their projects. Thousands of participating investors worldwide capitalize from turnkey generated passive income ever since they became part of the New Nordic Group.

The group currently has projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines, ranging from land banks and hotel developments to operational resorts and travel services that are both operated by New Nordic Group and in exclusive partnerships with global hotel brands.

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The Asia Pacific is the perfect scene for those seeking to invest into the real estate and hospitality sector, with some of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world and destinations that account for 30 percent of the world's international tourism receipts.

At the New Nordic Group, we go out of the way to hand-pick locations with great growth potential and a vast range of holiday experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. We work closely with our teams of professionals to build high quality hotels and resorts that our investors are proud to be a part of.

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We are passionate about making it easy for people across the globe to invest into our projects in a streamlined and transparent way. As an investor you will receive sustainable returns from our hotel operations fully backed by name-registered hotel keys.

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Return: 8% per year
Term: 5 years, with the option to renew
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The New Nordic Group works to provide stability and sustainable growth by taking care of its human capital, clients and guests. We believe that business ethics with optimized values grows more value for all stakeholders, as well as the community we are all part of.

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