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Date: 15 August 2021

Dear New Nordic Group Client,
We are writing to you concerning a data security breach at New Nordic related companies including New Nordic Development Co Ltd., VIP Developer Co Ltd, VIP Developer Phuket Co. Ltd, VIP Developer Koh Samui Co. Ltd and VIP Developer Chumphon Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to collectively as “New Nordic Group”).

We have recently become aware of this breach, and we recommend that you closely review the information in this letter.

What Happened and Information Involved
Last week, 13 August 2021, New Nordic Group has become aware that confidential information relating to New Nordic Group clients has been used by a small recently formed Pattaya based law firm (“SLaw”).

We believe that SLaw obtained a copy of confidential client records from ex-employee(s) of New Nordic Group and has had access to the following personal information:

• Name
• Email address
• Project
• Unit Number
• Purchase Price
• Currency and company receiving payment
• Details of Unit including Lease or Freehold terms
• Details of purchase-including buybacks, rental guarantees, and unit details
• Selling Agent

At this time, we do not believe that the data breach included personal information such as passport details, overseas addresses, telephone numbers, bank account details and personal correspondence.

Discovered Use of Your Confidential Information
SLaw has used your confidential information to solicit business for their firm, offering to act against New Nordic Development Co. Ltd in its restructuring efforts. As far as we can ascertain Slaw do not represent a substantial number of creditors. Samples of forwarded emails (in English and French) are:

We note that Slaw is a recently formed company (7 June 2021) with the authorised director being the same person as the authorised director for a similar small Pattaya based legal services company. As such it appears its purpose of the establishment may have been solely the exploitation of your confidential information.

What We Are Doing
As this has been an isolated incident and appears not to be a data hack by an external party, we do not believe any changes to our cybersecurity is required. However, we have initiated a review of our governance procedures to prevent a future event of similar nature.

By law, we are obligated to inform you of this breach, and this is the purpose of this letter.

We shall be pursuing remedies through either civil or criminal or both against the person or persons identified for the unauthorised supply and release of this confidential information.

We have written to Slaw and instructed them to cease and desist from using this information, to destroy all records of the information and to provide evidence of such to us.
We have also taken counsel in respect of the action of Slaw and will pursue remedies against the firm and its directors, as being a legal firm, they have prior knowledge of their obligations not to use confidential information.

What You Can Do
You should always remain vigilant for incidents of fraud and identity theft, for example regularly reviewing your account statements and monitoring free credit reports. If you discover suspicious or unusual activity on your accounts or suspect identity theft or fraud, be sure to report it immediately to your financial institution.

You should check the credentials of any law firm or legal advisor offering to represent you and ensure they are competent in the relevant area of law.

For More Information
For more information or if you have questions regarding this incident or if you desire further information or assistance, please contact the New Nordic Restructuring Help Desk at
Finally, on behalf of New Nordic Group, we apologise for this data breach of your personal information. We sincerely regret that this has happened.

New Nordic Group

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