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Invitation to Webinar

Dear New Nordic Client,

We hope you are staying well during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. We are holding a webinar on Wednesday 23 June at 3pm (Thailand time) to give people an overview of the current situation of New Nordic Development Co., Ltd. We will also be giving people an overview of the rehabilitation process and what people can expect from the rehabilitation, as opposed to the alternatives.

We will also be discussing the recent media coverage surrounding New Nordic Development.

To register for this webinar, please use the following link:

We will be using zoom for this webinar, so please use the link above to register first, and the link for attendance will be automatically emailed to you.

Please note that the webinar will be in English language only, and is limited to the first 500 attendees. A recording of the webinar will be posted on the website shortly following the presentation.

If you have specific questions you would like to see answered, please email them to and we will do our best to address them during the event or in a future newsletter.

Kindest regards,
New Nordic Restructuring Team.

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