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New Nordic – April 2021 Update

Greetings from New Nordic Restructuring team.

First and foremost, we would continue to extend our heartfelt wishes for your health and safety during these difficult times. As mentioned in our last update we are now in the middle of a third wave here in Thailand with partial lockdowns affecting Bangkok, Pattaya and other provinces, restrictions to travel between provinces and very limited possibilities to enter or leave Thailand, along with long quarantine periods. The same applies to the other Asian countries we have business in, and for most of the world.

Thailand has started vaccination and a small fraction of the population with one dose, but out of a population of 70 million, it is still having a long way to go. A similar situation is for Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

We have sent you an update from the various projects and locations in Thailand previously, and we are very grateful for the positive response. Many have asked us to also update with photos from completed projects, and we invite you to look at the construction update page

As you can see in Samui the four buildings in Lamai Hotel & Resorts are completed, and the four buildings in Samui Water World construction has partly reached the second floor and partly reached the third floor before construction was suspended. In Chumphon the two first condominium buildings are completed as are all five villas.

As mentioned previously, we continue to protect and maintain all our Pattaya projects around the clock. While most buildings are closed due to a lack of tourists, we stand ready to receive guests once the situation improves.

If you are a customer in a completed project, we remind you that you can contact us to get the key and take over your apartment. Simply e-mail the Helpdesk at and our team will be able to assist you.

Due to the ongoing COVID crisis in Thailand, we regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate face-to-face meetings. The Helpdesk can, however, schedule virtual meetings via Zoom if you would like to speak with us in that way.

Hopefully, during the months to come and vaccination rollouts, we can look forward to a world slowly recovering, step by step, to normal. We will continue to send you our updates as this progresses.

Best Regards,

New Nordic Restructuring Team

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