Orange Society


The Orange Society is the heart and soul of the New Nordic Group, and is present in all ventures, projects and initiatives of the Group. The venture has its roots back in 2009 when the company was first founded, where the employees would gather in the restaurant after work every day to share experiences and thoughts on how to give back to the team and local community.

Today, the Group is at a size where the employees would not fit in a restaurant anymore, but the same values are protected through the Orange Society work, which aims to take care of our people, communities and planet through different initiatives. All brands and locations are actively engaged in promoting the Orange Society initiatives.

New Nordic Group Emergency Fund: It is unfortunately not always easy to predict when a catastrophe hits, but we can control our response. The Group has put in place their own emergency fund to ensure that the organization quickly can respond to crisis and different situations in our local communities.

Orange Privilege Club: The New Nordic Group prides ourselves in having a close relationship with partners and clients, and have developed the Orange Privilege Club to give back to those who are familiar faces to the Group. Through the Orange Privilege Club our members receive special offers, benefits and discounts.

Orange Internship: The Group works to see potential in everyone, despite background and history. The Orange Internship opens for applications at all our destinations in our different brands to give young people and people who might have faced challenges the opportunity to kick-start their career and learn from our professionals. Our Human Capital department can be contacted on for more information.

Connecting Communities: The team is always looking for great ideas and business concepts, and wants to connect with people who have the passion and dedication to bring these ideas to life. Through the “Connecting Communities” project, the Group offers training, network and funding for selected ventures. Connecting Communities conferences and open applications are announced on the website.

Green Goes Orange: The Group’s dedication to develop products and an operation that is more sustainable started by the Green Goes Orange project founded by one of our team members. The project supports sustainable initiatives from our different locations and brands to make small changes in how we work on a daily basis towards a greener world.